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Leadership Experience (Medicine)

Michigan Neurosurgery
  • AANS/CNS Joint Section on Tumors Executive Committee
    (May 2007-). Young Neurosurgeons Chairman.

  • AANS/CNS Young Neurosurgeons Committee
    (April 2007)- Co-Director, Course for Medical Students and Junior Residents
    (August 2005- ). Marshalls Committee Vice Chair.

  • CNS Membership Committee
    (August 2006-August 2007). Committee for membership initiatives of the congress of neurological surgeons.

  • Council of State Neurological Societies
    (Febuary 2006-Febuary 2007). Resident delegate on joint section committee on socioeconomics in neurosurgery.

  • University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore MD.
    Year III/IV Curriculum Committee Representative (1999-2001):
    Third year representative to the committee that oversees the curriculum for clinical and pre-clinical years.

  • Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, MD
    Student Reviewer (Winter and Spring 2001): Reviewed and edited editions of USMLE
    Step I preparatory materials, including High Yield Histology, Patient Encounters: Pediatrics (CD-ROM), and Medrevu.com online USMLE Step I simulator for worldwide medical publishing company.

  • University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore MD.
    Peer Tutor: Tutored Neurology board review courses for 1st and 2nd year Medical Students.
  • National Youth Leadership Forum, Washington DC
    Coordinator (Summer 2000): Organized Medical School Tours and Speakers for High School Students considering medical careers.
  • Spastics Society of India, Madras, India
    Volunteer (Summer 1996)
    Helped teach children suffering from cerebral palsy basic motor tasks.