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Abstracts / Presentations

Jay Jagannathan M.D., FAANS - Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Michigan Neurosurgery
  • Management of Low Back Pain in Division I College Football Players
    Jay Jagannathan, M.D., Julian Bailes, M.D., Joseph Maroon, M.D., Vincent Arlet, M.D., Charles Y. Liu, M.D., Christopher I. Shaffrey, M.D, John A. Jane, M.D.
    CNS 2008 (Oral), Orlando

  • Restoration of Lumbar Lordosis following Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
    Jay Jagannathan, M.D., Charles Sansur, M.D., Chris Shaffrey, M.D.
    IMAST 2008 (Oral), Hong Kong

  • Cosmetic and Funcitonal Outcomes Following Paramedian and Lateral Retroperitoneal Approaches to the Spine
    Jay Jagannathan, M.D., Vincent Arlet, M.D., Chris Shaffrey, M.D.
    Spineweek 2008 (Oral), Geneva, May 2008
    IMAST 2008 (Oral), Hong Kong, July 2008
    North American Spine Society (Oral), Toronto, 2008
    AANS (Poster), Chicago, 2008

  • Long-term outcomes and prognostic factors in pediatric patients with severe traumatic brain injury and elevated intracranial pressure
    Jay Jagannathan, M.D., David O. Okonkwo, M.D., Ph.D., Aaron S. Dumont, M.D., John A. Jane Sr., M.D., Ph.D, John A. Jane Jr., M.D.
    AANS/CNS Section on Pediatrics (Oral), November 2007
    Hydrocephalus Award (AANS/CNS Pediatric Section, 2007)
    Synthes Craniofacial Award (AANS, 2008)

  • Endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for secretory pituitary adenomas
    Jay Jagannathan, M.D., John A. Jane Jr., M.D.
    North American Skull Base Society (Oral), May 2007

  • Utilization of a histologic pseudocapsule in tbe surgical treatment of Cushing’s Disease
    Jay Jagannathan, M.D., Edward H. Oldfield, M.D.
    Neurosurgical Society of Virginia (Oral, 1st Prize), Jan. 2007
    AANS/CNS Tumor Section (Oral), April 2007

  • Outcomes Following single level ACDF without plating
    Jay Jagannathan, MD, Aaron S. Dumont MD, Rod J. Oskouian, MD, Kai M. Fu, MD, John A. Jane Sr. MD, Ph.D
    CNS (Poster), Chicago, 2006

  • Transsphenoidal resection of Pediatric Craniopharyngiomas
    Daniel M. Prevedello MD, Jay Jagannathan, MD, John A. Jane Jr. MD, Edward R. Laws MD
    CNS (Oral), Chicago, 2005

  • Cushing’s Disease in patients with negative pathology
    Nader Pouratian MD, Ph.D, Jay Jagannathan, MD, Mary L. Vance MD, Edward R. Laws, MD
    AANS (Oral), San Francisco, 2006

  • Gamma Knife Surgery for Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas
    Jay Jagannathan MD, Jason P. Sheehan MD, Ph.D, Edward R. Laws MD, Ladislau Steiner MD, Ph.D
    CNS (Oral), Boston, 2005

  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Hemangioblastomas
    Jay Jagannathan MD, Jason P. Sheehan MD, Ph.D; Ladislau Steiner MD, Ph.D
    CNS (Poster), Boston, 2005

  • Gamma Knife Surgery for Pediatric Pituitary Adenomas
    Jay Jagannathan MD, Jason P. Sheehan MD, Ph.D, Mary Lee Vance, M.D., Edward R. Laws MD, Ladislau Steiner MD, Ph.D
    CNS (Oral), Boston, 2005
    Neurosurgical Society of the Virginias Meeting (Oral), Greebriar VA (2005)

  • Gamma Knife Surgery for Recurrent or Residual Pituitary Adenomas in Cushing’s Disease
    Jay Jagannathan, M.D., Jason P. Sheehan M.D., Ph.D., Mary Lee Vance M.D.,
    Edward R. Laws, M.D., Ladislau Steiner, M.D., Ph.D.
    12th Annual Lars Leksell Gamma Knife Society Meeting (Oral). Vienna, Austria 2004
    Neurosurgical Society of the Virginias Meeting (Oral), Greenbrier VA 2004
    AANS (Oral), New Orleans 2005

  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Patients's with Recurrent or Residual ACTH-secreting adenomas after Adrenalectomy
Jayant Jagannathan,MD, Jason Sheehan,MD PhD, Aaron Dumont,MD, Matei Stroila,PhD, Edward R. Laws,MD, Ladislau Steiner,MD PhD
    CNS (Poster), San Francisco 2004

  • Adenosine-Induced Asystole for the Treatment of a Basilar Tip Aneurysm following the Failure of Temporary Clipping 
    B. Ellegala,MD, Jay Jagannathan,MD, Peter Heppner,MD, Jason Sheehan,MD PhD, Edward Nemergut,MD, Edward Mee,MD.
    AANS (Poster), Tampa 2004

  • Equine Trauma: The University of Virginia Experience
    Paul T. Boulos,MD, Dilantha Ellegala,MD, Jay Jagannathan,MD, John A. Jane,MD PhD
    AANS (Poster),Tampa 2004

  • Receptors for APO2L/TRAIL Expressed in Malignant Human Gliomas
    Jay Jagannathan, BS, Qiang Wang MS., Lawrence S. Chin, MD
    American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)-Tumor Satellite Conference (Poster), San Francisco 2000.
    National Student Research Forum (Oral), Galveston, TX 2001. Honorable Mention
       - One of two Medical Students selected for fully funded trip.
  • Long-term survival following Gamma Knife radiosurgery for brain tumors
    Jay Jaganathan, BS, Josh Petit, BS, Richard Hudes, MD, Lawrence S. Chin, MD
    Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS, Poster), San Diego 2001
  • TRAIL death receptor (DR5) induces apoptosis in glioma cell lines
    Jay Jaganathan, B.S., Josh Petit, B.S., Qiang Wang, M.S., Lawrence S. Chin, MD
    AANS (Poster), Toronto, 2001
    3rd Place Medical Student Research Day (Oral), May 2000
    Neurosurgical Grand Rounds (Oral), University of Virginia School of Medicine, July 2002
  • Factors related to recurrence of tumors following Gamma Knife radiosurgery
    Jay Jaganathan, B.S., David Shepard, Ph.D., Steven DiBiase, MD, Lawrence S. Chin, MD
    AANS (Poster), Toronto, 2001
  • Intramedullary Tumors of The Spinal Cord
    Neurosurgical Grand Rounds (Oral), University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

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